What would happen to life if the Earth was flat?

what if earth was flat

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Do you know there are many people on Earth who still believe in the Earth being flat? These include many educated people who refuse to accept that the earth is actually a sphere and we are all living in the conspiracy created by space organizations and governments. But what about all the pictures taken by satellites? Well, flat earthers believe that we never went into space. Is this true? Definitely not. There are more than enough proofs that suggest that the earth is actually spherical and not flat.
But what would happen if the earth was actually flat? Wouldn’t you like to know what would happen to life on earth if it was true? 
Let’s assume for some time that the earth was flat or disc-like. Below are a few things that would be different from current life as we know it.

1. Gravity would pull you towards the center of the disc

Gravity would not have pulled you towards the center of the earth, but it would have pulled you towards the middle of the flat disc. Each and every living and non-living organisms would be pulled towards the middle of the disc. It would definitely get very difficult to travel anywhere as everyone is being pulled to the same location.

2. All scientists would turn out to be accessories to a bigger conspiracy

If the earth was flat, that would mean that we all were living in a conspiracy for decades. All the scientists, our school teachers would turn out to be liars who fooled us into believing that the earth was a sphere. But just imagine how much preparation and collaboration would be required for every scientist, government, teachers, etc. to contribute to the world’s biggest conspiracy. 

3. There would be no mountains 

Earth’s tectonic plates really work on a sphere. Tectonic plates move and interact with another side of the planet. If the earth is not round, plates would not work. If there are no tectonic plates, there would be no tectonic shifts and hence none of the mountains will be formed. Earth will completely be flat without any mountains or valleys. If it is flat, where would be water go? It is possible that there would be no land, as the flat surface would be completely covered with water. 

4. Research stations in Antarctica would not exist

Most of the flat earth believers think that Antarctica is the outer ring of the planet which keeps all the water from falling off in the space. In this case, no one should be able to cross the continent, but we know that many of the people have done that. As per this theory, it would be very dangerous if the ice starts melting. Cause once it does, everything would start falling off the flat earth.

5. Earth would be the only flat object in the universe

Even with all the technological advances till date, we have not been able to explore even the fraction of the universe. But even if we consider the amount of space we were able to explore, we did not find any object in space that would look like a flat surface. It the earth was flat, then it would be the first object in the space to be flat and still perform all activities similar to other planets.

6. Seasons would not exist

Flat earth would receive the exact same amount of sunlight all the time. There would be no spherical rotation of the earth, which suggests that there will be just one season for the whole year or centuries. There will no longer be any type of hurricanes or storms, as they are formed due to spinning motion.

7. We would all see the same stars and constellations

On the spherical earth, everyone can see the sky differently due to the earth’s rotation. But in the case of a flat earth, we will all see the same stars and constellation at the same place at the same time. Lunar eclipses look beautiful because of the earth’s spherical nature, so basically the lunar eclipses would look ugly if the earth were flat. 

8. Geography will be completely different

With gravity being strong near the middle of the disc, everyone will be forced to live near each other. It would get really crowded near the middle. All types of sports will have to be played exactly in the middle of the disc.  All ships will be visible over the horizon. They would just appear smaller or bigger depending on the distance. There will be no north or the South Pole.

9. Everything would get burnt

The magnetic field around the earth is formed because of Earth’s rotation. Earth’s magnetic field protects all living beings from solar radiation. If the earth is to stop rotating, then the magnetic field will vanish. The atmosphere will start getting thinner and completely vanish or float away into space. The ozone layer will disappear overnight. Earth’s surface would be bombarded by solar radiation and asteroids. And Earth will look like Mars or Moon. 

10. It would get seriously hot and Earth will explode

On the spherical earth, most of the heat is concentrated at the earth’s core. If the earth was flat, then all that heat and pressure would need someplace to go. Even if we distribute whole heat all over the flat surface, it would get extremely hot for us to survive. In no time, we would all burn away. Disc-shaped earth would not be able to handle all the forces from all sides and would eventually explode.
You might understand now that the life we know would be so boring on a flat earth that everyone would join Elon Musk in space exploration and settle on Mars as quickly as possible.

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