What would happen if you had the flash’s speed?


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Who among us hasn’t envisioned what it feels like to fly among the stars? To be faster than a speeding projectile? We as a whole have sooner or later thought about what it resembles to be a superhero, and the reason for this arrangement is to support you and additionally smash your fantasies. Take comfort in your consistency, and be appreciative you aren’t sufficiently unfortunate to pick up these weakening superhuman capacities.

flash superman


Super speed has truly gotten a lift in profile starting late. With the developing ubiquity of The Flash and Quicksilver, everybody is acknowledging how boss it is be a speedster. I mean who didn’t watch this scene in X Men Days of Future Past and wish they could be that amazing?

First how about we kick things off by saying it is workable for a human to proceed onward their very own at super speed! The human brain regulates bodily functions on a 24 hour cycle or a circadian cycle. Therefore we as a whole react and experience things at a similar rate and time, however state you were to amplify the territory of the body liable for this, the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Whenever developed, you could in reality increment the frame rate in which your body sees, reacts, and moves by as much as 10 times the average human being! Given that Usain Bolt was timed running at 28 mph in a 100 meter dash, that is truly fast, however it can accompany some nasty outcomes.

So suppose you drank a uranium-infused energy drink that broadened your suprachiasmatic nucleus, got savagely ill, inexplicably dodged death or potentially terminal illness, and boom – you presently have super speed. You leap up on your first day and settle on a speedy hurry to work since you’re super fast however you’re continually running late. You take as much time as is needed preparing knowing it’ll just take you a moment to find a workable pace boom you’re out the entryway. Every one of your papers flies off savagely and the force at which your shoes connect with the rug ignites a spark which sets your apartment on fire. You don’t see this as you are as of now miles away chugging alongside your newly discovered speed.

flash speeding

Amazing, being fast is incredible. You’re zooming all through traffic, past individuals, and you figure “this would be super cool on the off chance that anybody could see me at the present time.” You choose to jazz it up and dash up the side of a multi-story office building since who doesn’t imagine that is boss? You’re flying up the side of the building when unexpectedly everything feels super heavy, and you can’t see any longer. You dark out and tumble off the building to your death. Really awful, so miserable.

Vertical G Force will be your greatest obstacle to adapt to as a speedster. Space travelers and air force pilots consistently experience training for the impacts of the Earth’s gravity on mass acceleration to forestall catastrophes, for example, this from occurring. Fortunately, flat G Force is considerably more lenient on the human body and you shouldn’t encounter numerous issues running at ground level.

Alright, we should “Pick Your Own Adventure” this and imagine we didn’t intend to go to that page and we weren’t generally going to run up the building. You’re bounding along the sidewalk at 300 mph having a fabulous time and boom – a fly collides into your eye. You were so bustling prospering and vaulting the enormous things you had no ability to avoid this little insect and now you are visually impaired in your correct eye. Your pain and agony cause more ruin as you never again focus on your course and you collide with a little old woman. You both are obliterated on impact with blood and guts flying all over the place.

This will be a major issue as a speedster. Any immediate crash you have going more than 60 MPH will be lethal. In all actuality, your reaction time will be super increased so more often than not you will have the option to evade a ton of things that apparently seem as though they are stopping, yet it just takes one error to take your life.

flash fucked

You understand you could hurt somebody in your blinded state and then you throw on the brakes. Your shoes disintegrate and you collide with the asphalt and die. Super healing does nothing as you die on impact.

Shock, you can’t arrive at an abrupt stop. You’ll require abundant time to decelerate for anyway fast you’ll be voyaging. Halting on a dime will make you flip over yourself and will likely kill you and attempting to do something besides hinder will decimate the bottoms of your feet.

So not at all like truly every source motion picture you’ve at any point seen, this isn’t a trial and error situation. In the event that you will have super speed, you should be readied or you will die. So you contact your neighborhood S.T.A.R labs, get a ballin’ suit from Cisco, and ideally the vast majority of your situations above will become non-existent with the best possible measure of training. Truth be told, out of every superhuman ability, super speed is the one generally feasible for the human body on the off chance that you are molded for it! It’s a disgrace you won’t be around too long to even think about witnessing your own significance, in any case.

flash stops

Truth is stranger than fiction, with great power comes greater caution and early death. Growing your suprachiasmatic nucleus not just improved your reaction time; it likewise definitely abbreviated your lifespan. Past age 18 you’ll start to age at about double the rate of others. You’ll glance 40 in your mid 20s and not very long from that point onward, gain leg and muscle pains seriously hindering your ability to walk, considerably less dash at high speeds. That is all accepting you can keep up a 200,000 calorie a day diet to prevent your body from eating up itself. Not an incredible method to live as one would see it.

Sorry to ruin your fantasies, but the truth is that super speed isn’t so great.

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