What would happen if we are living in a simulation?

what if we are living in simulation

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Did you ever think about how your life would be if you were living in a computer simulation? Would you ever know if you were being controlled like sims? Anyone could be controlling your every move, even your every emotion that makes you take some action. Can some alien technology make this possible? How can you break this simulation and come out of it?
Imagine that we are just in a computer game in some alien children’s computers. Just like sims. Is it really possible? We would never know for sure. But, yes it is plausible. 
With today’s technological advances, we can enter computer-simulated games using virtual reality. We can even use augmented reality to bring in some digital products into the real world. Future technological advances will definitely allow us to generate entire simulated universes with billions of people performing actions on their own. If we as humans can bring in complex codes to life with such complex simulations, it is totally plausible that we are living in the world that is a complex simulation code run by some advanced civilization, just for fun.
Everything in our world can be calculated using mathematical models. We, humans, try to predict everything by applying a few basic laws using a mathematical models. For example, we can find the speed of an airplane just by calculating how much time it takes for an airplane to cover any particular distance.
Even our body also works on a mathematical model. We know exactly what will happen if two different genetic codes are mixed. Or how that human will perform when put in a particular position. This is just similar to sims where we program or give inputs on how that person should be and the person acts as per their skills or attributes. Maybe we are also living in a similar video game without understanding it.
One possibility is that we are being played by an advanced alien civilization. Maybe a nerdy alien child is exploring his curiosity and giving life to his ideas in the form of human civilization. Maybe you and I have been given curious attributes in the game and hence we are thinking about our life being a computer simulation.
Another possibility is that someone from the future generation is simulating the lives of their ancestors. Similar to Assassin’s Creed, where we try to explore the history using computer simulation. Maybe our future generations are living on Mars and trying to understand how we humans had destroyed our home planet Earth with the hope that they will not do the same to their home planet. 
Just imagine what type of supercomputers these guys would have to run a complex computer simulation we are living in right now. Maybe it’s an AI (Artificial Intelligence) trying to learn how human emotions work and how we react to any problem that comes our way. 
We already have created computer simulation in the form of Sims. If we humans can create such a precise simulation, then definitely more advanced civilization can create computer simulation capable of having billions of humans with billions of stars. It is even plausible that the person who is running our world in the simulation is a small part of a bigger simulation being created by much-advanced civilization. 
If we were living in a computer simulation, we would never know it. We can’t prove that we are living in a simulation, similar to the fact that we cant prove that we are not living in a simulation. 
You would think, that if we are living in computer codes, then there could be bugs or glitches. But what if the simulator is rolling an update as soon as any human is figuring out that glitch. Maybe the person who looks exactly like you, your doppelgänger is also a glitch. That person should not have looked like you. But we might be ignoring such glitches thinking that it’s very rare. 
If we are ever able to come out of matrix or find out that we are actually in a simulation, that would be because our creator would want us to. Then the escape from simulation would actually be simulated. A person who is simulating us may come up with Prison Break series in their world by adding a glitch to our environment on purpose. Well, we will just end up in another simulated story. 
We all should try to find out the glitches in the code. Maybe, then our creator/simulator will get bored and reboot his system. Would our life change if the system is rebooted or will there be any life left? Whatever may happen, we may never find out the truth. Let’s just enjoy this ride and come up with crazy ways to break the matrix. Happy breaking. 

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