Five seconds without Oxygen

without oxygen

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Just imagine, what will happen to the earth if all of the oxygen, the most important for survival, suddenly disappears? Not for too long, just for five seconds. What results do you expect? Does this question even make any sense? 


Well, oxygen is not only for human beings to respire. It plays a vital role in other natural activities as well. A human can survive up to one minute without oxygen, but the earth can’t do so. Suppose, the oxygen suddenly disappears for five seconds. The results will be disastrous, even more than your expectations. You will have to face the chain of disasters.

All of the buildings, which surround you, will fall. In fact, the house where you are reading this article will fall. The concrete will become ashes. Why is it so? The oxygen is the binding element for the concrete. The concrete molecules won’t remain bound to each other, and the buildings will turn into dust.

earth surface

So, what about the metallic structures and untreated pieces? These metals are separate from each other due to the presence of a corrosive layer of oxygen over them. So, in the absence of oxygen, these metallic pieces will be soldered to each other without any external heating. The solid metals will get liquefied.

The surface of the earth, in which you are standing, will be crumbled. The earth’s crust contains 45% oxygen. So, with the disappearance of oxygen, it will lose its surface, and you will experience free fall. You will not get a surface to stand on.

dried earth

Another question I want to ask here, will you be able to drive? Your vehicle needs internal combustion to function, and the combustion needs oxygen to take place. So, your vehicle will stop working. You won’t be able to drive. Since the combustion will not take place, this means there will be no fire as well. 

Even if you are chilling out in the summer, you are not safe. The ozone consists of three molecules of oxygen. So, the ozone layer, which is the protective layer, protects us from the harmful ultra-violet radiation, will disappear. No layer will be left to protect us. So, direct exposure to UV radiation will cause severe sunburns. 

The atmosphere has 21% of the oxygen. The pressure of the atmosphere will also decrease by 21%. This sudden decrease will result in an explosion of the inner ear as the eardrum won’t be able to withstand this sudden pressure change. It is the same as experiencing a sudden rise in 2,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, you will definitely get a severe hearing loss. 

lady pain

The sky you will look into will not be blue anymore. The brightness of the sky will turn into complete darkness. You won’t be able to see the light during the day. The light undergoes multiple reflections before reaching the earth. These multiple reflections scatter the light of blue color. It is possible only if the oxygen is present. Thus, the sky will be dark without oxygen. 

You will also not able to see the seas, oceans, and the other water bodies. They will completely evaporate into the atmosphere. The question comes here, how is it possible? Well, the water consists of one-third of the oxygen and two-third of the hydrogen. With the oxygen loss, only hydrogen gas will be left. Since hydrogen is the lightest element, all of the hydrogen gas will evaporate into the atmosphere. 

You will be able to see these unfortunate consequences. These five seconds are too little for us, but they are enough to destroy the earth. Now you can imagine how much oxygen is important for life. 

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