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interview question with answer

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There comes a time in the life of every employee when he or she starts looking for a better job. You can call a job to be better than the previous one if it’s better in terms of the role offered to you for the job i.e. a better job role or in terms of a better position and pays, or in-fact it can be a better job in terms of a better organization offering it. Sometimes, the employees, right from the beginning of their career think, or I should say, dreams of joining a particular company. And that can be because the company is one of its kind or because it’s the leading company in the industry or because of other factors. Such other factors vary from person to person.

What is your reason? No, it’s not just a frank question but it’s serious and it is more serious when your interviewer asks you this question. Yes, you heard it right, such questions are asked in many of the interviews from the candidates to know the actual reason behind joining a particular company or to know what interest does a candidate holds in applying to that particular company. Now, it depends on the candidate how he or she swings this question to answer during the interview to impress the interviewer and increase his or her chances of getting selected. The article deals with various tips to answer this question. Read on to know all such tips and perform better in your next interview.

What the interviewer is trying to judge?

There you are; sitting on the HOT-seat, giving the most important interview of your life i.e. the interview for the company that you have always dreamt of joining. You are done with all sorts of technical questions and most of the behavioral questions and then suddenly you encounter this question. “Why do you want to join us” or “Why do you want to join this company?”

WHY? What does this question mean? I have always been wanted to work here that’s it. No other reason. This has been my dream and working here means I’ll achieve my dream-company, that’s it. These are the things that might run your mind when you’ll encounter this question without preparing for the response. But, trust me you should not be speaking all this during your interview. This is because the interviewer is not interested in what your dream has been, he or she wants to know why do you want to join this particular company for the following reasons:

1. What do you know about the company? – The interviewer is interested in knowing whether or not the candidate is aware of the company and its business. And if yes, then to what extent? Does the candidate even know what the company is in and what are the other business-related details of the company or the organization?

2. Are you the right fit? The employer is finding the best choice for the position vacant in his organization. And so to know whether you make that perfect choice or not, the employer may ask this question from you during the interview.

3. How motivated you are? Suppose there are two candidates with the same level of technical knowledge and other qualifications; then the interviewer might ask this question from the candidates to know which out of the two is more or highly motivated to work with their company.

4. To know about your preliminary research: Okay! So before sitting in an interview for any of the companies, you must have done some homework of finding out about the vision, mission of that company. The interviewer may ask you this question to know about all such research work for yours.


Okay! This company can be a ‘Dream-Company’ for you. But have you ever thought that why only this company is your dream-company? Why not some other? Why not any company in any other industry? Why only this industry? If not then now, you surely need to think about it. These are the pre-requisites for preparing your answer to this question:

1. Research about the company: Find out about the company from its website (The ‘ABOUT US tab’), from its current and ex-employees those you may come across over various social media platforms, from your friends or relatives, etc. Do know about the company as much as possible.

2. Relate your values with findings of your research: So, after finding out about the values, mission, vision, and goals of the company, do relate your missions i.e. your targets with that of company’s. For example, if your mission is to work with the No.1 company in terms of market share then relate this with the ‘market share capturing target’ of the company.

3. Review your dream: If this has been your dream to be associated with this company then review it or revisit it. Why has this always been your dream? Has someone inspired you to be its part or is it just because of the big brand name the company holds in the market or the reason is something else?

4. Think of the Industry-level: In case you are not finding any particular reason to be associated with the company at your level then think at the level of the industry. Sometimes you just want to join a company badly because you want to be in that industry and that may be because that’s your area of interest and expertise.

5. Match your qualities with the role: Okay, if this can be at industry level then it can also be viewed from the level of a job-role. Think of the job role that the company is offering and try matching your attributes with the job-requirements.

Tips on what to include and what to avoid

About what to INCLUDE:

What to include? Of-course, your reasons for joining the company. But, there are certain things that

1. Being sincerely interested: This makes the number one tip for impressively answering this question. How can you show your motivation for a particular company? By actually being interested in it. Stay internally motivated towards the company and the job role. This is the key to get through this question.

2. Mention the facts from your research: This is always a good idea to take out some facts from your research work about the company and state them during the interview. This gives a good impression upon the interviewer. This states how serious you are regarding this job and this company.

3. Mention your abilities: A smart person will be the one who would not forget to mention about his or her abilities and the attributes during the interview about the response of this question. You just don’t have to talk about just the company but yourself as well.

Things to AVOID

There are certain points or statements that you need not mention during your interview while answering this question. Those points are as follows:

1. Mentioning of some person: Mentioning of a PERSON? Yeah, it refers to that person who has told you about this company and vacancy here or the person who has told you that this company is good and just out of some good-faith you are willing to join the company. You cannot go on saying that “One of my friends said that it’s a good company and so, I want to join here.”

2. Being too honest: Yes being honest is a much sought after attribute in a candidate but, you cannot be too honest to make through this question. That means if you are unemployed and not getting work anywhere, so you cannot state that this company is the only hope that you have.

3. Too general answer: Stay away from too general or vague answers those don’t define you. “It seemed cool to me and that’s why I applied to it” will not make you look COOL there in any way. So, be specific to the answer and respond with your reason.

4. A boring answer: What a boring answer can be? It can be something like “I don’t know, I just applied to the company to give a shot. If I’ll be selected it would be good, if not then okay! No problem”. Yes along with being boring this is also an example of a dumb answer. So, don’t even think of answering in this way.

Preparing your answer

All the above tips whether telling you about “What to include” or “What not to include” are to help you in framing the right answer to the question. But, the right structure still needs to be taught. Here goes the right structure for your right answer:

1. Your ambitions or dreams: Let me be very clear, here, dreams don’t only mean joining that particular company but it can be anything. E.g. it can be exposed to the industry or it can be working on the post that is being offered or it can be working in a particular environment, etc. State about your targets or wishes or dreams.

2. State company’s vision and mission: After you are done with your ambitions talk about the ambitions of the company those you came to know through the website or other sources. You can also mention about the matter that you were intrigued by for applying to the company.

3. Your abilities: Here you go on mentioning your abilities. What all attributes you hold as a good candidate and then what all qualities you are planning to acquire to proceed further in your career.

4. Set a relation between all: You do not have to mention the above-stated things in isolation but you need to relate each point with each other. For example, your ambitions must relate to the targets of the company which in turn should also have parallelism with your abilities and attributes. So that the interviewer has a sense of company being benefitted by hiring you as its employee.

Sample answers:


I am the kind of person who firmly believes in a collective and collaborative approach towards each project. The moment I saw the position in the production department of your company, I decided to apply to your company. I am well aware of the work of your company such as “behind-the-scenes” videos and others. Those encouraged me as the level of teamwork I saw in those videos was phenomenal. Working with a whole team towards a common objective is exciting in itself. I hold the capabilities to do justice to my job role in the production department. If hired I will work to the best of my capabilities for the growth of the company.


The time I got to know about this position in your company, I started my research work about the company. It’s not like I didn’t know about the company earlier but I just wanted to have more knowledge about the business mission and vision and values those your company holds. And then I came across the values of your company which depicted your volunteering work and other social activities. Returning to society and helping it in prospering has been in my values too. I am looking forward to joining your company and work on the common values those we both hold.


It will a privilege for any aspirant or candidate to begin his or her career by working with a company that has made a stronghold in the market through its hard work over the years. All the organizations in this industry are well aware that to whom the top position belongs. To have a fruitful career life ahead I could not think of going to some other company. I believe that the skill set that I have acquired from my B-school and other learning experience will surely bring value to the company. And the challenges that I will face while working with your organization will in turn help me to hone my skills. I look forward to this mutually beneficial relationship in a positive manner.


At the very first I would like to extend my feelings of gratitude to your organization for giving this opportunity to me for being interviewed at such a renowned organization like yours. I always wanted to be placed at such an organization where I will encounter a dynamic work culture, which will help me to gain experience and learning to a great extent. Your organization is such a place that will offer a great learning curve. I might be late at joining such an organization in my career because I believe if I had been associated with you in the beginning, it would have given a kick-start to my career.


As a response to this question, I would say ‘no one’. There are many reasons I hold to apply or to wish to join your company in particular. Skipping rest all, I would like to mention two of the major reasons here. The first one is that I am impressed by the benchmark that you have set in this industry, for your competitors, is remarkable. I would surely like to work for such a company that has set the bars high for others in the industry. The second reason that I believe to be true is that my experience of 5 years in this industry will be of great benefit to your organization. If given a chance I would try to be a valuable asset to you.


The only reason that I found myself to apply for the job in your company is that I am pretty much inclined towards the kind of job-role that your company is offering. I am an MBA graduate in Finance and have worked with a few investment banks as well for 4 years. As I came across the news of vacancy in your company’s finance department that relates to investment decisions, I was sure to grab this opportunity. So, in short, this job position pulled me towards it because of my profile and interest.


If I were to answer this question in one word, I would say ‘Opportunities.’ The kind and scale of opportunities you’re your company offer to its employees are tremendous. There is a saying that learning never stops and your company stands by it in every aspect. Not only that I am intrigued by the ocean of opportunities here, but also, that your organization is perfect for my expertise area. I hold some work experience in this area of expertise and your organization as well holds its roots with this area. These reasons made me apply to your organization and given an opportunity, I will surely do justice to the role offered to me.


Well, to be honest, I have been searching for a place to work that offers a better working environment and culture. And as you must be well aware of the fact that your company has been listed as one of the best places to work consistently in the past few years. Also, I have been in contact with one of your employees for a long time, I came across many positive reviews from people about the work culture here and all other factors as well. These things motivated me to apply to your company, which I believe I didn’t have during my last job.


I believe that all the companies and organizations that work in an industry are important and hold their respective positions in the industry. They all have the particular essence of their presence. But still, a few companies in an industry have a better reputation in the market and society. We all are well aware of the reputation that our company holds in this industry. I would be extremely proud to work with such a company that has been working under strong leadership for years. I will get a lot to learn here from my seniors, my bosses, and all my other colleagues. Depending on my qualifications, I believe I will be a good fit for the position as well as the company.


Well, that’s very simple and straight-forward. After finding out more and more information about your company, I was well aware of the company’s mission and vision. Reading about your company policies on social media platforms and talking to current and ex-employees, I can surely say one thing that my goals align with the mission of your company which is to strive to be the best in the market. I will be working for the company with a mindset that I am working on the same work-principles as I hold which will motivate me to work more efficiently. I am looking forward to joining your company and work with all the individuals with this same common agenda.

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