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Owning a personality that can win hearts is of-course the most important factor to make it through any of the roasting (or not so-roasting) interviews. A personality with the charm that most of the hiring managers look for makes it easy for people to impress upon the interviewers at the very first stance. Personality is not just about the way you carry yourself in and out of the inter-view room but, it is also about what you left in the room. Were you able to make a mark on the conscience of the interviewer with the help of your personality? If yes, then to what and extent and of what type?

Your character traits, values, behavior, and everything that you exhibit in front of the interviewers represent your personality. And you are judged mostly based on the type of personality that you carry inside the interview-room. So, it becomes quite apparent on part of the interviewer to ask about your personality from your end itself. And it should come with no surprise to you if you are asked the question on your personality right at the starting of your interview.

This may prove to be a good opportunity for you to start the interview on a positive and impressive note from your side. But, the opportunity can be leveraged only when you are fully prepared to tackle this question.

What Interviewer is trying to judge?

Describing oneself is not something that people face much trouble during the interviews. But, the problem arises when the interviewers specifically mention about the number of words or adjectives to be used while answering this question. Why do interviewers do this? Why do they want to ask about your personality from you when you have mentioned everything on your resume? Here are some of such reasons:

1. To know about you: As the question, it is hinting that the interviewer is asking about you to know about you. The panel is only interested in knowing the personality that you will bring to their organization and whether or not such a kind of personality welcomed at their workplace.

2. To hear your views on you: The matter is not just what ‘you are’. But also, what you think you are and how you take your personality t to be. Many people garner many praises from their friends, peers, etc. but may not be happy at all with the traits those they are carrying.

3. What type of employee you will be: This is a great question any interviewer can ask in an interview to know what type of employee the candidate will turn out to be. After knowing your views on your personality traits, this can easily be assessed.

4. Do you fit in the job-role: Your answer to this question will let the interviewer know about your mentality regarding the work? He or she will get to know what you think about success. They will evaluate if you suit the job role being offered or not; do you possess the qualities required by their organization or not?

So, because of all the above-mentioned reasons, this becomes imperative for the candidate to think about the question and prepare answers for it days before he or she has to face the interview. But, how? The rest of the article will help you to do that.


This is the kind of question that can be molded or twisted by the interviewer in whatever way he or she wants. The question may go like-
1. Describe yourself/ your character traits.
2. Tell us something about your personality.
3. Say a few words for yourself.
4. Tell us two/three words that best describe you.
5. What five words best describe you?
6. How do you see yourself as a person?
And many more……

The form being any, a well-prepared answer will help you to get through this question easily. What will help you to have a good answer? How will you get to know about what qualities to mention? The following tips will help you in finding them out:

1. Study about the job post
In addition to learning about what hard skills are required for the job you are applying to, you also need to know the soft skills or personality traits those employers are looking for candidates to have. You can find such qualities in the job-description section itself. Select the traits from there which align with your personality.

2. Know about other employees of the company: In addition to the qualities that your job-position requires you may also get in contact with a few of the people who are already working in the organization. This will help you to know about what traits of personality do the company values.

3. Get the feedback: You can also go to your peers, colleagues, friends, and others and can have their perspective about you as well. Many times it happens that you may not know yourself as some others may do. Your previous organization buddies will surely be of great help in this regard.

4. Introspection: The last but not the least, you need to introspect yourself. What do you feel about yourself? How you take your personality to be. What trait is it that you are most proud of? Is it that you are hard-working or is it that you are loyal or is it that you can handle pressure easily? Which quality is it and why?

Tips on what to include and what to avoid

About what to INCLUDE:

There are certain tricks to enhance the beauty of your answer and to tell the answer more convincingly. The following tips will help you to prove a well-thought answer about any kind of question on your personality:

1. Select the traits that relate to the job: You may be good at many things outside the work-sphere, but at your interview, you need to mention the qualities that will make you an asset for the company. For example, if you are good at talking to the people then do mention that you can handle clients with ease at work.

2. Illustrate the traits: Take care of the fact that you need to elaborate on the soft skills those you hold to the interviewer. Otherwise, your answer will seem to be incomplete. For example, if you mention that you are honest, do relate the company and job requirements with it.

3. Attach a story: Robe more illustrative about your qualities you should also try to attach a short story with your answer. You can mention how have you believed these to be your best traits; why you believe them to be your best and how have they helped you in your job earlier?

4. Choose the right words: When you are asked to describe yourself in a few words then you have to be cautious about the kind of words those you choose to speak in front of the interviewers. A few of the qualities like integrity, adaptability, professionalism, teamwork, and team player prove to be more attractive qualities for an interviewer.

Things to AVOID:

Many candidates do a lot of mistakes while answering such questions, maybe due to over-excitement that they feel while talking about their positive side or maybe because they are not prepared. Reason being any you are advised to ignore the following common mistakes while answering to this particular question:

1. Being too honest: You have to be honest with your answer but not a hundred percent. That may affect your candidature. For example, you may think you are good at mathematics but if you are applying for some job-post that doesn’t require any maths job to be performed then you must mention something else that is related to your job.

2. Don’t choose too general words: Qualities like hard-working, generous, etc. are too general and every second candidate would be ready with such words. So, think deeper about some specific traits those you hold. Go accurate and specific.

3. Ignore negative words: You may represent some negative points to be your good-quality trait but just try to use more positive words in your answer. For example- don’t say that you are stubborn rather say that you are focused on your work.

4. Avoid certain characteristics or words: There may be words that may be of no use for the job; you are advised to completely ignore such words or traits. These words may sound arrogant to the interviewer. Take this question as an opportunity and utilize it completely to turn the interview in your favor.


Preparing your answer:

Now, after getting clear on the content of your answer; structuring the answer is another area to be stressed upon by you. You can’t just simply go on mentioning one or two words about yourself and then wait for the interviewer to take on the conversation. You have to elaborate on those words. How will you do so, read the following points:

1. Mention about the quality: Start by mentioning the trait that is valued by the company and that relates to the job profile you are applying to. Focus on the attribute that will enhance the strength of your candidature.

2. Elaborate about it: Do explain the trait that you mentioned. If you mention professionalism to be your trait; mention why it describes you. State that why you consider it to be the most valued attribute of yourself. How do you think it will help the organization after they hire you?

3. Attach a story: Along with the elaborative answer to this question, attach a short story about how this trait benefitted you in the past. You may choose to talk about how it helped you in your previous workspace. For example: if you say your self-disciplined nature sets you apart from others then you can mention any incident where these traits of yours benefitted you and your organization.

Sample Answers:


As to answer this question I would say that I am a problem solver. And it’s not just what I feel myself to be but the others as well. I have introspected and settled with this term for myself. Being a customer service person, I was required to handle many of the clients with their grievances, complaints, and dissatisfaction. My goal, when I used to speak to a customer, is to resolve their issues as quickly as possible and as effectively as possible. For me, customer satisfaction was a priority and in-fact it should be because they create our market and have some expectations from us which should be met efficiently. So I hold this confidence to say that I am a problem-solver by nature.


I am good at analyzing problems and concepts. In the shot, I have a good analytical mind and that is the trait that has helped me to come this far in my career. I am good when it comes to analyzing a problem and also in offering solutions for various problems. During my previous job, I was required to complete a certain number of tasks within a short time frame. There, I was helped a lot with this character trait of mine. I analyzed the whole situation, prioritized a few of my tasks, gathered all the information and help available, and started working out. Later, I was praised by my senior in a meeting for handling all the stuff so well.


To describe myself in one single word, I would say I am an extremely organized person’. I like doing things in a proper efficient manner. The level where I feel myself to be satisfied with any work-done is quite higher than others and so; I always try to achieve that level. To reach there I work harder than every time I fail. This attribute served me pretty well during my last job. I and my team were working on some project and since I give attention to every minute detail of a project, I came across a mistake that would have cost a lot to the company. My timely attention helped the company to save a huge amount.


To sum up my personality in five words that I feel best to describe me are optimistic, focused, resilient, ambitious, and generous. These are the traits that I have not acquired overnight but throughout my journey here. Studying in a college was full of struggles for me because my father is a farmer and to afford fees for this course and college was very tough for my family. That period taught me generosity and staying positive. It was my focus and determination that made me through that phase and made me eligible to apply in your prestigious company. I appreciate all the opportunities that came my way and the journey that taught me so much.


I think my resiliency defines me the best. I am a resilient person. There were many situations in my life, in-fact everyone has such incidences in his or her life when things don’t feel right. The situation doesn’t favor you or actions are not as what you have had planned. But I believe in staying positive about the future and bounce back as quickly as possible. I think there is no point in repenting over what has happened. Being human, getting back on track soon, and trying out new ways to get through tough times is the best option available and I always choose that way. I do not hesitate in giving another shot or another try to solve the problems.


‘Passionate’ describes my personality in a way that no other word does. Every employer looks forward to hiring someone who would do their work sincerely and timely. And all the employees are supposed to be so. But, the ones who are passionate are notches ahead in terms of dedication and their loyalty to their employer. And I will hold these same feelings for the organization I will be working for at any point in time. My passion makes me committed to the quality of the work that I deliver to my company. I love what I do and this fuels my passion which in turn derives positive feelings for my work.


Ambitious people reach farther than others in the same field. This is what I believe in and so, being ambitious is what I consider to be my personality. For success and growth, personally and professionally, the person has to be ambitious. And I am the same. The person has to have some goals, ambitions, and targets in his or her life that are to be achieved. The unfulfilled goals will fuel him or her to a great extent. An ambitious employee is always desired at the workplace because they continuously seek to improve themselves as well as others around them. Just like this, I too always look forward to opportunities to perform better and better every time.


I would say, I am an extrovert and I not only enjoy being an extrovert but this quality helps me a lot in my personal as well as professional sphere. Extroverts like me are naturally out-going. I am conversational and find a talk or some to make my way into people’s groups, which once would be a bunch of strangers to me. Talking about the professional sphere, the quality helped me a lot during my previous jobs as a sales executive and customer service person. I was required to handle customers in the friendliest manner possible. Being an extrovert helped me mostly in kicking off some projects with new clients of the company.


After thinking a lot about it and having a viewpoint of many people who know me, I would like to call myself a born ‘leader’. There are certain people who themselves take on the role of being a leader of the group and I am such a person. I have the skill and quality to lead people and manage them quite well. I was head of various societies of my colleagues like the placement committee, cultural committee, and the commerce society. I have handled many students under me without much difficulty. I believe in boosting the morale and motivation level of my team members. I like helping people and I find this task easy when I lead the group. I may or may not be in the leadership position by authority but I will always love to help and motivate my team members.


I am a result-oriented person. I always keep the bigger picture in my mind. That means I always keep my eyes on the goal and accordingly take various decisions of achieving that goal. The goals may make me work overtime during day and night but I will make sure that the goals are achieved. I not only focus on the bigger goals but the smaller goals are equally important for me. The major goal is to be broken in various minor goals and those minor goals are to accomplish with the same sincerity as any major goal. I like to keep track of how far or near to my goals I ma and that alter the plans accordingly so that the goals are achieved well in time and effectively.

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