Why do we have Eyebrows and Eyelashes?


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What do you notice about people when you look at them for the very first time? The face of the person, right? Yes of course. But what makes the face of a person more attractive? What in your face appeals to people to have a look at you again? What’s that distinct feature?

It’s your Eyes. And to be more precise of the details, your eyes are beautified by hairs around it. Yes, I am to talk about your eyelashes and eyebrows. Just imagine your face or anyone’s face without eyelashes and eyebrows. Weird. Isn’t it? As humans evolved, much of their bodily hairs got vanished with time but not the hairs near your eyes.

WHY? The answer has a lot to do with the kind of biological functions that these hairs do perform. Yes, you heard it right “biological functions”. Apart from adding beauty to your face your eyelashes and eyebrows have certain functions to perform.

Let’s know about their functions one by one and to begin with hairs which are closer to your eyes:


These are the hairs that you find on your upper and lower eyelids. And to add to your amazement, do you know what are they made up of? Well, they are formed of part water and part protein. Nearly ten percent is the water part and rest is a protein (Keratin).

Keeping it aside, the main function of your eyelashes is to protect your eyes from any sort of dust or debris. It acts as a sensor to humans. Being sensitive to touch, eyelashes do tell us that something is closer to your eyes, BEWARE! And why do we need this sensor? It is because your inner parts of eyes (which include cornea, sclera, pupil, and conjunctiva) are extremely sensitive and any small thing can prove to be dangerous for your vision.

Not just that, scientists in research also found that our eyelashes may sometimes be laden with numerous bacteria or germs which means our eyelashes had protected our vision from pathogens as well which otherwise would have landed on our eyes’ surface.

And that’s why people with less number of eyelashes hairs have high chances to develop eye-infections. Eyelashes are the shortest air of our body but they live the most. These also prevent tear evaporation and helps in keeping our eyes moisturized.

So, does it make a difference if you have long or short eyelashes? Yes, it surely does. An experiment by a scientist shows that apart from making a person look more beautiful, longer eyelashes help eyes stay healthier. They can prevent more of the germs from entering into the eyes.

But how much of the length is good? It is answered by the GOLDEN RATIO OF EYELASHES. Yes, there exists such a thing. And this golden ratio is – one-third of the size of your eyes. That size is optimal for deposition of dust or other germs on them and thus protecting eyes.

Now you must be thinking of increasing the length of your lashes. Is it possible? This cannot be precisely answered but I can tell you why some people have longer eyelashes than others. Not exactly the same but the factors that contribute to a length of eyelashes are genetics as well as your diet and lifestyle.


Now moving on to another half of our discussion, let’s talk about: –


These are the thick tuft of hair that are above your eyes on a lower margin of brow ridge, basically, forming the edge of your eye socket. People these days, especially females are busy getting their eyebrows waxed, threaded, dyed and what not. To enhance attractiveness on their faces people are going deep to get their eyebrows thinner and thinner.

Its side-effects? Yes, there are. Do figure out them all by yourself after knowing eyebrows’ benefits. Eyebrows give protection to not only our eyes but eyelashes too. So, the functions those are of eyelashes are also performed by our eyebrows such as keeping dust, dirt, and germs away from entering into our eyes.

Apart from that, many researchers believe that eyebrows are to keep away the unwanted moisture that may obscure our vision. The presence of hair above our eyes makes the rain, sweat, and moisture to flow to sideways. Along with it, eyebrows also help us to guard our eyes against bright sunlight. They help to filter the sunlight which enters our eyes.


These are the functions those our eyebrows perform since ancient times. But over time we humans have also developed other functions out of them and that is to communicate and identify another human with their help. People change the shapes of their eyebrows to communicate feelings of anger, happiness, and perplexity or even flirting. And so our emoji language developers are paying heed towards this thing lot while developing any new emoji.

Why do some people have thick or thin eyebrows? The density of eyebrows depends on many factors. Yes, genes have a lot to do with this but again external factors like years of tweezing, waxing, and dyeing have an impact on the growth of eyebrows hair, their texture, their size, and width.


At this point, getting bigger eyebrows and eyelashes seem to be very much beneficial and correct. But that is right only when the natural process is adopted i.e. if they grow themselves by the change in your lifestyle and not by any cosmetics surgery to enhance these features of your face just to add to the beauty. Experts warn against doing so because such enhancements are full of many side-effects. Rather choose to smile with your eyes to turn heads towards your face.


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