How different is a Male body from a Female Body

male and female body

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Umm…yeah! A feminist can pretty well hate me for the title that I am using here. But, whether or not you are a feminist, you need to have a look at this whole article.

“All stand EQUAL”;

“There is NO DIFFERENCE between genders”;

“You can do anything IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR GENDER”!!

We all have been hearing such quotes since our school days. Well, to be honest, and transparent at the beginning itself, I am not arguing over the preaching that you have received back then nor I am casting any doubt over the potentials of any person on basis of his or her gender. But, what I am going to convey here, in this article, is that there are many differences between a male and a female by default or by nature. Scientists have noticed these all differences through various experiments, researches, studies, etc. on normal people of both the genders.

male female body

And, in my view, it is utter important for the masses to know the actual differences between a male body (including the functioning of their mind, etc.) and a female’s body. From outer appearances to our inner (mind) thinking, both the genders are found to differ from each other many times. Jotting down some of these variations below.

1. APPEARANCES: We all know such differences because these differences are apparent. Starting from top to toe, we can name many things that differ between a male and female body. But I am here trying to disclose why actually those differences exist.

(a.) Face– Starting it from the top, males have the structure of their faces which is more like a square-shaped face and females tend to develop a heart-shaped face. Why? Because of their bodies’ biological functions. A male body with more level of testosterone has more wide face compared to the one with less level of these hormones. While on the other hand, a female with more level of estrogen has her brows higher and longer face.

male female head

(b.) The upper body– A female body has breasts while a male’s body doesn’t. This is because a female’s body is adaptive to nourish its offspring after its birth with milk. But on the other side, a male’s chest (although it too has nipples) is filled with fat.

(c.) Lower body structure– Males tend to have more muscular bodies while females have more curvy bodies. Females’ body don’t burn fat so easily and that is why they have a bit of plump all over their skin and store fat especially in the buttocks area. Men can burn calories much faster than women and so develops a muscular physique.
This is because of all the above factors that men, on average, look 10% larger than female counterparts.

2. Skin difference: To your surprise, it’s not just that the color of males’ skin is different from that of females’ but its more than that.

Thickness: Who got the thicker one? Of course, you must have guessed it earlier, it is of males. Males have thicker skin which tends to get thinner by age. While females’ skin’s thickness tends to remain constant until her 40’s but starts getting thin at a speedy rate afterward.

Texture: Have you ever thought where did the phrase “rough and tough man” comes from? Well most probably from the texture of their skin. Men have more roughness and toughness as compared to females’ skin.

Colour: It is “tall, DARK and Handsome,” they say. Dark men are always taken to be more attractive while fair, blonde women are perceived to be more beautiful. On a general note, adult males mostly have darker skin than adult females. The light color of the skin of females is associated with their hormones estrogen and progesterone.

male female face
  1. Hairs on the body– Males need to get their hair groomed every weekend while females can get through it for a month even. While females are most likely to have hairs on their pubic area only; men can have a whole bunch of hairs on their faces, chest, belly, back legs, hands and yes, pubic region. While the sites of body hair growth differ in males and females at the same time their texture also differs. Males’ body hairs are more coarse and thick as compare to that of females’. The reason behind this is the function of their hormones in their body. Males develop more level of testosterone and another androgen which stimulates body growth hair and so are hairy.
  2. Height difference– Your male homie was shorter than you till your seventh standard and then suddenly his height shoots up to get taller than you. Apart from the height chromosome-X and chromosome-Y factor, the pelvic region structure also affects heights. Females’ pelvic region is wider because it is developed to give birth to a child while males’ pelvis is narrower and taller. This makes them look taller.
male female height

5. Voice difference: Have you ever wondered someone looking funny because of his manly looks but a females’ voice? What helps you to identify a female’s and a male’s voice? It’s the pitch. Pitch from 85 hertz to 180 hertz is the range for male’s voice while from 165 hertz to 255 hertz. That is why a female’s voice is more shrill and loud than a male’s voice.

6. Brain difference– Functionality and the structural difference in the brains of males and females have always been a big quest for researchers and neuroscientists. As per facts and findings, men have better visuospatial abilities while females are ahead in language skills. It is also argued that females are good at retrieving the information and experiences from their stored memory while males are good at working memory.

There are many arguments that revolve around the neuroscience world that the structure of brains and basic functionality can be a big and main reason for the behavioral difference between the genders. But at the same time, there are scientists who belie that the behavior of gender is defined by its experiences, circumstances, and upbringing.

male female brain

7. Difference in stamina/ endurance strength: Males are more powerful and have more strength. They have better stamina than females. We all have come across only such facts yet. But as per a recent study, it was shown that although women were slow in gaining speed and had less muscular strength females were less fatigued than men. The reason behind this ‘better stamina of a female’ study was given to be hidden in the estrogen hormones of females. As we deplete estrogen hormone in females their stamina was affected too much an extent, the researchers said.

male female running
  1. Colour perception: Yes, literally. Gender may also affect the color perception of the two people. Many of us know that females have more knowledge about colors than males do. But there is more to it. As per studies, females are also better in identifying different shades of the same color than males. This ability of females was more clear as the participants of an experiment, conducted to find out the color perception of different genders’ moved closer to the center of the color circle. Results indicated that testosterones can also be blamed for the same. Since males have more testosterone receptors near their brain’s visual regions and those might be causing the color visual differences between genders.

    9. Emotional Stability: Men are less expressive and hide feelings more. While females are more expressive and so hide feelings less. But that nowhere means that females are the way that we are taking them to be. Although females express their feelings more they don’t actually experience more emotions. Rather males tend to feel more emotions in a situation but express less of it a finding reported.

    10. Behavioral Nature: Males are taken to be more aggressive, angry and violent than females. Females, on the other hand, are calm, composed and serene. This blame is also to be given to the male-hormones testosterone level. Increased levels of this hormone may be associated with more criminality in a person. That is why we find males to be more violent or alcoholism than females.
    11. Women live longer than men: Women are ahead than males when they live and lag behind in years in terms of death. Like almost everywhere on this planet women have longer life expectancy than their males’ counterparts. On average there are nearly 4-5 years of gap between the life expectancy of the two genders. Doctors opine that the risk-taking factor, which is present more in males, making them sometimes land in a problematic situation. Biological differences and behavioral differences such as smoking, drinking, etc. make the male be more vulnerable.

Yes, there are many of the differences those I’ve made you count but, BUT, these are the differences that are reached as results of various studies and findings over few bunches of people in particular situations. These above stated points nowhere define a set pattern in behavior, nature, lifestyle, appearance, etc. of a particular person. There are males who don’t have much body hairs, who like to stay calm and quiet, who have shrill voices and also there are females who have dark skin, who have more body hairs, who are aggressive or who have a masculine voice.

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